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Finding the best workstation motherboard combo

dell precisionHowever we guarantee you that the ASUS A7N8X Deluxe nForce2 motherboard is different and also it has a strong credibility to sustain it. It is among the most strong and feature-rich units around. Backed by the great people at ASUS, this motherboard is capable of the sustaining the most requiring customers – from gamers to desktop video lovers to all type of intensive specialist applications. This motherboard features a Socket 478 design and also is available in an appealing red shade. The No Insertion Force ZIF design outlet makes it very easy to mount and upgrade your processor. Mach Speed has actually constantly delivered terrific looking wiring and this product is no exemption. The Mach Speed Outlet 478 workstation motherboard combo is based upon the Via P4M800 Northbridge chipset as well as the Via VT8237 Southbridge chipset.

It supports Intel Pentium up to 3.40 GHz. Northwood & Prescott and also Celeron D Processors, with 400/533/800MHz Front Side Bus support. The combination bundle consists of an Intel Celeron ® D processor, ideal matched for desktop computer applications. It has a 533MHz FSB and also a 256K cache within the 478-pin plan. Along with an incorporated L2 cache, this combination is a killer bundle. There are 2 DIMM sockets making use of 184-pin DDR with a complete ability of up to 2GB. You can install DDR 266/333/400MHz memory. Over lockers will certainly be thrilled with the dell precision workstation motherboard combination. You can fine-tune setups in voltages, front side bus and also memory bus in a number of various increments– making this of the best motherboards available for over lockers. Reports have shown that the Mach Speed Socket 478 workstation motherboard combination supplies spectacular efficiency to systems running on Intel Pentium 4 processors up 3.4 GHz and also with FSB as much as 800MHz.

The Matrix P4M800 motherboard combination supplies one 8X/4X AGP slot. You can quickly consist of an AGP 8x video card to get an extra realistic graphics experiences while pc gaming or flick viewing. The board additionally sustains Serial ATA innovation. The SATA spec allows for thinner, extra adaptable cable televisions with lower pin count, minimized voltage need, and also up to 150 MB/s information transfer rate. Sound-wise, there is also a Relate ALC655 sound codec which sustains high quality 6-channel audio. No product is absolutely perfect in every respect. The Matrix Mach Rate P4M800 workstation motherboard combo does not come with incorporated graphics constructed in. This might be an issue for some that do not wish to acquire a separate video card. It is no problem for those who already have existing video clip cards or for those that intend to get new ones.