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Health benefits of durian fruit

its growing area, durian is used as an effective remedy for constipation. Its fiber acts like a brush and frees the intestines from severe stagnation and constipation. The best durian delivery singapore improves motility and intestinal flora and improves the absorption of useful elements on the walls of the esophagus.

Despite the accumulation of fat and average calorie content, the fruit has dietary properties. When ingested, it is quickly reabsorbed, the blood becomes saturated with oxygen, cholesterol is removed, and convenient (natural) weight loss is achieved.

Cellulose and water, which accumulate in large quantities, are necessary to cleanse the cavity of the internal organs from toxins and poisons. Some substances durian added drugs aimed at treating cancer.

As part of the fruit a lot of iron, this element is important for the human body. Durian is used in our country to treat and prevent anemia, increase hemoglobin levels, and improve blood composition. The fruit thickens the walls of the blood vessels and removes the cholesterol.

Folic acid is considered a truly feminine vitamin. This substance is necessary to fight infertility, and durian also improves the condition of a woman with menopause and menstrual cycle. Zinc, being a part, increases male strength.

Due to the build up of ascorbic acid, durian is useful for people who naturally have weak immune systems. It increases the resistance to viral infections, protects against heavy metal salts and radionuclides.

Proteins and minerals are responsible for bone density, the condition of teeth and gums, skin and hair. Despite the unpleasant smell, durian is considered the fruit of beauty. Its systematic reception will prolong youth and eliminate wrinkles on the face.

There is a large amount of manganese in durians. The substance allows you to normalize blood sugar levels. The product is recommended for diabetes. Fruits have a beneficial effect on the body and prevent the development of the disease.