May 01, 2021 Shopping

Shopping For Double Bed Sheets With Thread Count

Anyone shopping for sheets nowadays will probably be bombarded with the expression thread count. When inquiring most sales people, they will suggest that you buy sheets with the maximum count in order receive the highest quality sheets. It is thought that the higher the thread count the finer the fabric, because the higher count generates a tighter weave, creating a softer, smoother and more powerful sheet. Thread counts can vary from as low as 80 and as large as 1000! It is a measure of the coarseness or quality of cloth, often known as TPI threads per inch. Standard cotton counts are approximately 150, while great quality sheets begin at 180. According to consumer reports any count over 400 will likely only offer a higher cost. Occasionally we can be duped as some makers will fit two-ply cotton or multiples together and give them a higher count. Some producers will count each fiber which makes up a ribbon. Which means one thread could have three plies twisted together.

While one maker counts this as one thread another may count it , thus skewing the actual count of threads. What this means to you is that a 300 count has become a 600 count. That is the reason a 300 count can occasionally feel superior to a 600 thread count. Though the FTC has ruled that they should only be counted as one thread that this is not being enforced. So to answer your question how do producers claim to have thread counts as high as 1000, the brief answer is you cannot according to consumer reports. Manufacturers have a solution and they are using thread count for a marketing tool. They want us to think that the larger the count the greater the quality of sheets. Most people today see the high count on the package and believe they are getting a fantastic quality sheet when actually they are paying a higher price for an inferior product. They might have purchased a sheet set with a high quality ribbon, with a lower count for less money and go home with a superior product.

A thread count of 200 premium quality fibers may feel better and be a better quality sheet than one that includes a 400 count with low quality twisted threads. When shopping for sheets make certain to compare products which have the exact same quality of cotton with the same thread count. Remember to read the tag for the percentage of cotton and cotton the sort of cotton used. Cotton quality is as important if not more important in determining the quality of a sheet. When shopping for sheets you may have a better knowledge of what to search for and you will not be duped by packaging. TheĀ double bed sheets online offered have classic designs that are fresh and applicable without using cartoon characters, or motion picture personalities. We help you create their bedroom a safe place that inspires creativity and imagination in their play. Creating a room that is as unique as they are!