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The marketing services were conceived out of the awareness that marketing starts with the determination of consumer wants and ends with the satisfaction of those wants. The concept puts the consumer both toward the beginning and toward the finish of the business cycle. It stipulates that any business should be coordinated around the marketing function, anticipating, stimulating and meeting customers’ requirements. The customer, not the corporation, has to be the focal point of the business universe. A business cannot succeed by supplying products and services that are not appropriately designed to serve the needs of the customers.


It proclaims that the whole business has to be seen from the point of view of the customer. In a company practicing this concept, all departments will perceive that their actions profoundly affect the company’s capacity to make and retain customers. Each division and each laborer and administrator will think customer and act customer and read the article here.

Clearly marketing services represent a radically new way to deal with business, and is the most developed of all ideas on marketing that have arisen as the years progressed. An overwhelming emphasis on the consumer and his needs is the first distinguishing highlight of the marketing services. The concept enables the firm to take a gander at the nature and mission of its business from the point of view of the consumer. The significance of the consumer according to the marketing services can be understood plainly by the way that the purpose of any business is to make a customer. The customer determines what a business is. It is the customer, and he alone, who, through being willing to pay for a good or service, converts economic resources into abundance, and things into goods. What a business thinks it produces is not of first significance especially not to the fate of the business and to its success.