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Instagram surged up the popularity chart fast. Facebook lets users post both texts and photos so it can be a clutter sometimes. Twitter focuses more on texts although you can also post photos on its platform. Instagram is a visual platform where you can share photos and videos. The app is quite easy to use.

Log in

You can create a new account or log in to an existing account in the login screen. When logging in an existing account, you need to use the username and password for that account. If you cannot remember your login details, you can also recover your username or password. Tap LOG IN and then click FORGOT?


The home icon will bring you to the homepage of Instagram. It shows a feed of photos posted by you and your friends. Feel free to like and comment on the photos to interact with people across the web.


This is where your bio and Instagram posts appear. You can view the photos you shared, the people you follow, and those who follow you. You can also edit your profile info here. This is also where you can adjust your Account Settings. Tap on the icon of a person to get to your profile page. If you are using a browser, you can view your profile by going to

Instagram account hacker


The plus icon on the bottom in the middle of the screen lets you take photos and videos within the Instagram app. You can then share them in your feed. You can also choose from photos on your phone when you click LIBRARY.

Search & Explore

In Instagram, you can also discover photos and videos from accounts you do not follow yet. By clicking on the magnifying glass icon, you can search and explore Instagram. There are also curated topics you might enjoy. The types of photos and videos you see here depends on things like people you follow or the posts you like.


When you click the heart icon, you will see a list of likes and comments on your posts. You can choose to reply to those comments or like their posts, too.

Always be careful when using any social media platform. Information about how to hack Instagram is rampant on the web nowadays. Never click links from unknown sources or those you do not trust. Also, never give your login details to anyone.